Design, Deploy and Maintain all types of Infrastructures

Do you have an infrastructure that is in need of repair or updating, we offer a full line of services ranging from network performance evaluations, security threat checks and audits, migration to and from the cloud, hardware repair or replacement, antivirus/malware/ransomeware software's available, continued preventative service programs available and much more.

Don't have an existing infrastructure we can help there too, we offer services such as network/infrastructure design, development, implementation, training and continued preventative service programs that can help scale a growing business from one user to thousands of users.

Hardware & Software Sales and Support

We have a dedicated team that research, tests and deploys the latest cutting edge softwares available in the market, to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible solutions available. We base our decisions on who we work with on many different factors, we partner with and provide the worlds leading software solutions and brand names that you can count on in the industry.

Network and Physical Security Solutions

We offer some of the top network and physical security solutions providers available today, with state of the art hardware and software you can rest assured knowing you are protected inside and out. Whether you're looking to secure your facility itself or your Network infrastructure Accelerated Technology can help, we have the experience, professionalism and know how to get the job done right the first time.

Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions Experts

We partner with some of the biggest names in the industry to bring you a level of comfort that is hard to find when speaking about the dreaded disaster recovery solutions topic. Our solutions make sure your company stays operational regardless of the circumstances. Accelerated Technology offers such a robust disaster recovery solution in the event of a catastrophic failure we can actually boot your servers up from a remote location from the last back up that was synced with our servers and have you back up and running within hours not days.

Cloud, SAAS & Hybrid Solutions

At Accelerated Technology we believe our customers knowledge on how their infrastructure is running is crucial, in order to allow them make the proper educated decisions and allow us to preform preventative maintenance procedures easier. Therefore we offer many different types of services and advanced analytical softwares with real time threat detection that can allow our clients to be updated before something goes wrong.

Marketing, SEO & Analytics Solutions

With an ever growing demand for online stores great looking websites, marketing materials and logos that not only look good but function flawlessly and provide a level of analytics that was never before available. Accelerated Technology has you covered we not only partner with the best and brightest in the marketing industry we can offer anything from an all-inclusive package to a À la carte package where you pick and choose what you would best fits your company’s needs.

Technology Related Emergency Services

We know somethings are just unavoidable here at Accelerated Technology we are there for you. We take pride in being able to respond when nobody else can, we are understand the old saying that time is money and we want to help you avoid any downtime anyway possible. Accelerated Technology has your on for scene emergency covered with anywhere from three or more on-call technician available at all times.

Beginner to Advanced Training Programs Available

Here at Accelerated Technology we offer many different training programs (New employees training programs, annual training programs, preventative maintenance programs, software training, hardware training, MFC Training and many more training programs available). Can't find what you were looking for we also customized training programs to fit your companies needs. when it comes to training your staff we are a one stop shop to provide your users the knowledge and know how to utilize your corporate infrastructure safely and securely.

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