Who We Are?



With over twenty years of hands on experience with large datacenters, networking, security and compliance we know what your network needs and have the resources to provide a one stop solutions company for all of your company’s growing demands. Experience a knowledgeable, friendly and educated staff at Accelerated Technology, to ensure all of our technicians continue to grow with our company and keep up with ever changing technology, our employees must continue to further their education in the industry on a yearly basis. In this day and age cyber threats are becoming something that more and more companies are facing on a daily basis, it is impossible to expect one tool or software to protect your company from all of the different threats that are lurking around on the internet today. (i.e. Virus, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware and Hackers just to name a few) Accelerated Technology takes these threats and your companies sensitive information very serious, we use the best solutions on the market to provide our customers a web of security products that ensures you stay as protected.

Over the last few years cloud computing and SAS (software provided as a service) has taken major steps forward to providing efficiently, redundancy and continuity in an easy to manage cloud based solution(s), many large corporations and small businesses alike have started to embraced cloud computing because of reliability, security and ease of maintenance. Here at Accelerated Technology we pride ourselves on offering the latest technology most effective solutions to keep your business running all while allowing you and your employees to focus on what they do best. On premise solutions are slowly being replaced or converted into a hybrid environments utilizing SAS applications with the most amount of redundancy with the least amount of downtime we specialize in virtualized networks, SAS Implantations, both Hybrid or full a full conversion we at Accelerated are here to help.

We at Accelerated Technology believe that the end user is our last line of defense when it comes to cyber threats and utilizing the ever advancing network and hardware of today. We believe no tool or software available on the market could ever compare to a vigilant and cautious end user, we pride ourselves in having an ongoing training regimen to familiarize users within a company and keep users vigilant and up to date on the changing technology and threats.

Meet The Owner

SHAWN SINGER Chief Executive Officer / CEO

With a unprecedented hunger for knowledge and a drive to provide the best service that unsurpassed most, the Owner of Accelerated Technology has over 20 Years in the Industry and holds multiple certifications in the art of Technology design development and deployment personally designing deploying and managing hundreds of unique networks all across the country. Shawn Singer has been known in the industry for his passion for perfection and instills this into each of his hand selected employees, “values are what separate the companies that provides its customers with just enough service vs companies that excel in customer service and put their customers first”. Accelerated Technology has managed everything from a single server infrastructure to secure server farms that hosts thousands of servers, remember nothing is too big or too small to Accelerate.

Accelerated Technology partners with only the best hardware and software manufactures available on the market to provide its customers with a stable, reliable and simple environment. Shawn believes in his employees believes a happy employee is a hardworking employee, here at Accelerated Technology we put our employees first with great benefits and hours as well as state of the art facilities, training, hardware and software available for there disposal.

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